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It is a pleasure to share with you this beautiful collaboration between a whole team of migrant creatives: MIGRAN-TE

An outdoor multidisciplinary performance created by Latinx artists Pepa Duarte and Charly Monreal presented as part of Plataforma Festival.

The show explores the intimate and ritualistic act of ‘having tea’ in Latin America, transposing the privacy of the home to the public space. 

Performed live by two actors, the piece is accompanied by a soundscape gathering the experiences of migration of 7 Latinx households living in the UK. Extremely grateful with all those latinxs for sharing their sense of home with us.

Saturday 16th of October – Peace Hall, Halifax

Saturday 23rd of October – University of Leeds

Access to a smartphone device + headphones is needed to experience the performance

Duration: 25 minutes, performed twice in each location.

With an amazing artistic team... 

@pepaduartes charly_monreal 

@montsmanz  with @xacaraculture - producer

@carolinarieckhof - Designer

@tomonkeys – Sound designer and composer

@shanedempsey  - Movement Director

@alexalcarcel_ - Graphic Designer

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